Saturday, March 8, 2008

The soundtrack of my life

I hear this song once a day--no joke:

Just another way to experience BA

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Some observations:

***Note to reader: minor levels of spanglish

So I went to what I can only assume was some sort of municipal building today to entregar my request for a student visa, when I was reminded of what turned out to be my first significant insight into BA culture:
people here are really, really, ridiculously good looking
What's more, the people of whom I speak are typically government employees.
That's right, the John and Jane Does of American federal work would go home cryin' to their mamma's with a box of Ho-Hos hanging out the side of their mouths if they had to enter a beauty pageant with these argie foxes.
No bullshit, they're all young, striking, twentysomethings with badges and the authorization to grant you a visa. Keep in mind, I haven't been (nor do I think I'll go) to the ultimate (internationally verifiable) bureaucratic institute--the DMV or el DMV as they call it here, but I can sleep at night thinking that the fine men and women of the department of motor vehicles deliver a more pleasant Kafkian experience based solely on their good looks.

Also: piropos.
The general populus of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal) is good looking. I'd say around 75% regardless of age. I would also say that among men and women there are probably more good looking women than men.
Having said that, I would be interested to inquire as to the algorithm, or criteria, or formula used by the slightly sleazy men of BA to determine which of those gorgeous women walking down the street deserve a cat call and which don't.
I say this, because if they were to dedicate themselves to the cause, and be truly thorough, they wouldn't have enough breath in the hairy exposed chests to make a comment to every beautiful woman that walked their way, much less the wit to come up with a new cat call every time!
They have to be selective, it's only logical, so I want to know what the filtering process is.
Does it depend on odds? (e.g. which women look as though they're more likely to respond positively?)
Or does it depend subjectively on varying standards of taste and, for lack of better words, fetishes? (e.g. blonde, brunette, short hair, dark skin, etc...)
Their must also be spontaneity to it. After all it's not their job to stand on street corners and holler...maybe I'll ask one someday.
I'm sure that will be a good story

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